5 Powerful Words

In today’s world, especially in times of crisis, let us be the people who spread joy and hope.

United in Grace

Click here to read Acts 15:1-35. Unless you… Believe, belong, accept, perform, think, dress like, etc. We have all been part of this kind of thinking at some point in our lives. Maybe we have said this to another person to make sure they were the “right material” for the group, the club, the organization.Continue reading “United in Grace”

It Is Clean!

Read Acts 10 here. “Are these dishes clean or dirty?” This is a common question in our house. Most of the time I can answer with confidence the dishes are clean. But there are sometimes I am not sure because I don’t remember running the dishwasher. My kids are usually the ones who ask thatContinue reading “It Is Clean!”

SENT OUT with Identity

This week, we began a 5 part series in worship called “SENT OUT.” Jesus does not call us to live comfortable lives, be comfortable in our worship, or expect everything to go just right simply because we follow him. He calls us to go out into our communities and out into the world to followContinue reading “SENT OUT with Identity”

After Hours

OFFICE HOURS Ministry in the Marketplace Part 6 What are your plans after you reach retirement age? Are we only working now so we can play and relax after we retire? I have come to the understanding that we have misguided ourselves when it comes to retirement. Retirement is not simply quitting work and spendingContinue reading “After Hours”