Lord, I

How many of us have started our prayers with, “Lord, I…” and precede to tell God everything we want God to do for us? Last week, as I was praying, I noticed the prayer started with, “Lord, I…” Yes there were legitimate things I was praying about; but I asked myself, “how does this phraseContinue reading “Lord, I”


There is a simple question most children will ask and it consists of three letters–“Why?”. They are curious and are simply seeking out answers so they can try to learn what’s going on or the reason behind a particular question or statement,  etc. As I have grown older, “why” has become a favorite question forContinue reading “Why?”

Say What?

“I can’t believe you just said that!” “Well, if you knew what I was really thinking…” How often have we said or thought those phrases or something like them? I bet you’re like me and often hear the meaning behind the words even if that’s not what the person meant. I do not particularly enjoyContinue reading “Say What?”

Communication & Prayer

It is easier to internalize everything than talk about it. We find it easier to talk with people than to speak to God. “Just pray about it.” We hear this a lot, but why? *What is prayer? How do I know what to say? *What posture should we use for prayer? *Public or private prayer?Continue reading “Communication & Prayer”